Catching Up and the State of IABC

I have been a bit tardy with my notes for the past few weeks. I have been traveling, and the post-COVID work rush has been overwhelming but welcoming for business. So allow me to catch up on some information that you might already know, but it would be remiss of me not to mention.

On Saturday, 25 June, leaders kicked off the 2022 World Conference with the Leadership Institute and Chapter Management Awards celebration. Congratulations to all of the chapters and leaders that were recognized at this year’s event.

We in Barbados have been fighting tooth and nail to keep our chapter going. What I learned at the Leadership Institute was that we are not alone. IABC Chapters worldwide are run by volunteers. Volunteers who are passionate about the discipline, and understand that professions with active organizations that advocate on their behalf, are regarded highest within companies. Some organizations have crumbled under the weight of the pandemic and other forces, but IABC Barbados is still standing, although we are on sandy rather than solid ground. The top item on the Leadership agenda was how to stop the membership bleeding and how to grow our Chapters. 

I am therefore appealing to all communicators on the island to do some soul searching to determine where you want to go in your career.  I urge you to see IABC Barbados not as a convenience or an organization to be a member of if your company would pay, but as your professional union. IABC Barbados is that organization that will propel your career in terms of your professional development, would agitate to get more communicators in the C-Suite, and be the place to turn to for advice and mental rejuvenation from like-minded persons. 

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